Welcome to Retirement T.I.Ps, or Retirement Theory into Practice, a space dedicated to providing a holistic approach to retirement planning.

There is a lot out there about retirement planning, especially from a financial perspective. Despite this research has shown us that successful retirement adjustment is linked to far more than the financial aspects of retirement. After almost two decades of research into retirement planning and adjustment, Professor Jo Earl and her team have found that a holistic approach is best in optimising individuals’ control over the timing of their workforce exit and post-retirement adjustment.

Our site includes our published research articles (see publications); some information about the team and how it came about (see about us); where our work has been reported in the media (see media) and information about our two most important resources – quiz and e-Training course (see program):

  • Free retirement quiz – this 5-minute survey assesses the resources an individual has across several domains (physical and financial, social, and emotional, cognitive, and motivational), which research has found to predict retirement adjustment and satisfaction.
  • E-Training course – individuals are encouraged to reflect on important issues relating to their preparation for retirement across 3 domains: career, health, and finance. Modules are highly rated, with users feeling more motivated and confident in navigating the different aspects of retirement planning after completing the course. See the Program tab for testimonials from previous users.

Together, these two resources comprise our holistic retirement planning program. We recommend the following pathway to optimise learning:

  1. Retirement quiz
  2. E-Training course

If there are any enquiries about my research, please contact me at joanne.earl@mq.edu.au.

Holistic Retirement Planning Program


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